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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 1, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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direct hit.ú >> that is dangerous for people out there. ú% absolutely. that will be fridayyearly innthe morning. ú% could be as early as late thursday. the timefrrmm is looking beeter3 for the rest of the laboo day weekend at the beach. at the bus stop this morning clear skies ann 79 degrees at rather mild thii morning there. 76 degrees in d.c. and 65, a llttle cooler in saaisbury and hagerstown 70 degreee.ú ú%-nything not nothing but clear skies. that will be the day and too3 bring us all kinds of sunshine. average around the area. we will get to 93 degrees by noon and 95 at 6:00 p.m. after ú%between 3 and 4:00 thiss33es what do the roads look like as we head out this morning? lauren ccoke has the trafffc edge.3 >> reporterr in addition to
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-lear skies we have clear roaddays. as we take a live look at the northeast corrrdor, you ill ú%e whitemarsh area.o report in here is south of 695.ú you're looking at a 4-minute ttip itt a speed of 64 miles3 per hour. once you hhp on the beltway, no problems from 85 to 83, you''e looking at an 11-miiute trip with an average speed of 54 miles per hour. to 95, you're looking attan 795, 11-minute trip wiih an averageú speed of 55 miles per hour. ttat's a live look at the traffic edge. back to you. hurricane earl hasn't even hittthe u.s. coastllne yet and already he is putting a big daaper on holiday vacation plans. meean gilliland is ive from he port of baltimore where many people are having a change of plaas. >> reporter: good morning, paarice. two cruise ships that left here from the port oo baltimore haveú been impacted by hurricane earl.
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the carnal pride and the enchhntment of the seas had to3 change their plans to avoid the dangerous conditions out there. we waat to show you the map here. this is ideo from the virgin islands. strong winds wreck havoc, and in paats of the dominican republic, earl caused win damage and power outages and hassleft some homeless. >> the caribbean is stormy. it's not respectinn us. is ripping through thet early caribbean, he is eeppcted to run parallel to the u.s. east3 coastline and coull hit maayland friday morning. now the good news, this storm is predicted to lose streegth ú%ficials are still warning ttat because of some severe flooding. you can stilllexpect heavy rain, high winds and dangerous wwnds
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ann waves in the coming days. live from the port of baltimore, i'm megan gilliland. should you do to be3 prepared? joel d ssith is live at the maryland emergency management agency as it prepares for all the possibilities that coold happen later this week. joel, are you there, good morning. >> reeorter: hi there, patrice. we are repared, gis as well asl -s e should be. we are loooing at the storm.ú first of all tell uu what your team, we heard from steve fertig ú%ttwhat arr we seeing here lately. p> we're hoping that the storm stays 100 miles out into the the farther west it goes, the more problems it's going to we are preparing foresee for, ss where we are having conference callssto he governor yesterday. be prepared and makeesure all the local emergency managements are on board and make sure they
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know what is going on. >> reporter: when it comes to it right now or maybe juss keepl an eye out? >> absolutely not. whether you're going tt go to the bbach the carolinas or ocean city, certainly feel free to go but take heed of the life guards and stay close to the ocean for swimming and pay atttntion to that. if you''e oinggto cean city, right now we advice that you wait to leave until friday afteenoon or evening because beepast the eastern shore by thee. >> reporter: you have so many resourceesand so many maps to look at and so many things to take ii. what do you like looking at? >> i think i nicest map is this color map because it gives the tropical storr-force winds..33 on the dge of that map it has get tropical storr winds.s will %--ashington county area. the arras in pressurele, are areas thattare going to getthit ú%th very high winds. >> reporterr the green match
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is the eastern shore. the yellow >> the eastern shore has a 40% channe of getting tropiial storm %-those winns?how high are >> 44 miles per hour. >> reporter: there's there's 15 different models to look aa. they are saying it's going to miss us ostly. thattiisgood news, so at this point that's seems to be okay but a fewwthings to consider3 this weekend. -hance to get misssd by this withoutttoo many problems. i know that center gets fuller aa the storm approaches. early signs of hurricane earl have already made waves in ocean city. life guaads are keeping a lose watch on rip currents. the strong under toe is creating dangerous conditions at the beach. venturing too much out to tte ocean for a swwm.ú
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instead they're keeping their toes close to the shore. >> see the water. >> additional beach patrols will be out in force this labor day weekend. rough seas may have already claimed one life in ocean ccty. 20 years old mal delgadoodisappd on saturday. he went swiiming afterlife guards left for the day, but one should be left in he water >> do not let the people come at's angerous. p> hurricane danielle caused the dangerous riptides last weekenn leading to 500 rescues by life guards. hurricane earl is bad news foorbeach goers, it's bad news for businees. manyyshoppownees along the -oardwalk are hhping the3 hurricane doesn'' scare away
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holiday ccowds. p> well, we're hoping for a ot of people, a lot oo business, the rain, but you know. if people have alreedy booked their vacation, hopefully thhy >> many hotels normally find themselves sold out on labor day %-today busiiess owwers are worrying about cancellations. we will bring you the latest on the latest track of hurricane earl in our news casts. ú% will ring you the latest from ocean city starting tonight a form are catholic school teaccer convicted of raping a student in the 1970s continues prison. john mers backer has filed an appeal that he hopes will improve his chances. earlier in year, a juugeerulee ttat his atttrneys canno did noe
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him he channes to accept a plea deal. yearss but instead he was sentenced to life in jail. could be given the deal again, but another judgg has to approve it? death of a man that was found at the inner harbor more than twoú years. officers have arrested wayne black in the 2008 iicident. they say he confessed to puuhing 22 years old andrew into the waterrafter asking him for a cigarette. ú%pta the montgomery ccunty %-marrland's horse racing tradition. pigs will be racing attthe sttte
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fair. tte pigs are racing at 5 weeks old and then they hang up their3 running shoes after ust two monnhs. >> pigs are verr mar smarttanim. it takes 5 to 6 days to train a pig how to race around the track for a an oroo cookie. >> the pigs racc at farre all across the country. there's othhr draws to the3 maryland sttte fair. the nnws team will be at thh fair this saturddy starttng at 3:00 in tte afternoon. %-to say hi and have a pictureth taken with members the crew. they say that hate has been -7 so don't let those whh talk f love ♪ one the biggest attractions at this year's fair will be a concert featuring justin bieber. he will be performing liie on sunday, septeeber 5th.
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the show is solddout but you can win ttckets from us all this performing.ichaels will be %-we have tickett to giveeaway o makeesure you tay tuned to win. to te famil maryland state faif yyu are the 4th caller right now at (410)481-4545.3 the baltimore grand prix is today mayor stephanie rawlingssblake is expected o a nows announce additiinal racers for 2011 inaugural eeent. there will be a sneak peek of some the cars that will be featured. the din de indy car series has n confirmed as a participate in the race. it's all expected to take place during tte labor day weekend. coming up a ally at the3 washington mall. >> e want to tand together.
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let's stand with honor and let's restoreeamerica.ú who happened at the restore honor event. and hurricane earl a categorr iii hurricane is sitting oof the south and east of thh u.s. we are going to take 3
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quiet on i radar right noww we have been talking abbut hurricane earl. it's out there. we will tall about its track in just a moment. today high pressure should bring us a nice sunny day and the frontal bounddry with showers that will steer aaound us to the north and east and take the rain with it.3 it brings us cooler air for the weekenn. what we're hoping this front will do is help push hurricane earr off to the north and eaat. away from u.s. mainland. that is something else we're hoping for, to help make it less of a concern. ú%t nevertheless, evennif it
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-oves close to the area and we get tropical storm winds ii the ocean city area, obviously that ú%uld be significant. it's a category iii hurricane, so it has died down a little -it. car gory cattgory iii is still r %-as you can see, it ii exxected to move up the eastern sea shoree it moves up to the east. that doesn't mean that we won't get high surf and rain that3 could e heavy in someplaces to the south and east as well. caa it move to heeeast and west. thee ost part theebrunt of it ssays of offshore..3 you ill get the concerrs the rip currents especcally iff ou considdr the lab ore da labor d.
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tropical storm fiona which is on the heels of earl, aa an you see here, as 46-mile-an-hour winds and not qqite as strong as earl, it's nottclose to asú strong really as earl. and this one is expected to the steee further points east as it moves north. as can you see, the tracking indicated a bettee scenarro with regard to less of a risk to affect our weather here. 79 degrees, the inner harbor ccrrent temperature. winds areecalm and as you can see 65-degree point higher ttday so ittwill seem more humid. %-and 70 degrees in hagerstown. %-eastern shore 92 degrees there with a llt of sunshine. -our.west winds at 5 miles perú central part of the state, about 44 degrees with a south wind and further points wwst, looking at a higg temperature, 95 degrees, andda lot of sunshine thhre. as far as the day's progress, tempprature wise, 90 degrees for thh noontime temperature, lot of sun through the daa.
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91 at 6:00 p.m. after ggtting to the high of 95 at 3 to 4:00 this afternoon. 69 degrees ffr the overnight -ow. a milder iggt connidering we -ypically rop to 61 by this time a year. tooorrow not quiteeas hot. cloud over latt in thh day and possibility of showers early %-where it will be close to ear. and even further inland there ú%her than, we drop to 80 degrees and the rest of the weekenn looks pleasant with 80 degrees and 83 for labor day. 87 degrees and mootly sunny for tuessay. what is happening n thee3 let's check in with lauren cooke who has the traffic edge. lauren. >> reporter: thank you,ú steve..33 so far so gooddon the roadways. we're looking at high sppeds on many of oor main lines as we side of the beltway. you're looking at a high road and checking in and taking a llve look look here, you will notice no problems to report whatevvr. this wiil be the same case if you trafulling the beltway at
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parkvilll..3 as we ttke a look at harfordú road, not many caas oot there, this should be an easy ride as you make your way toward to you isn't. it will be an easy ide along the southbound lanes from whitemarsh boulevard to the if you're usiig 83, no problems ú% report wwaasoever. where you're looking at aroad 4-minute ride froo shawan road -o the beltway. thh jfx will remain clear from 695 all the way downtownn o eaat fayetteestreet. there's no problems to report at you're looking at a 4-minute3 ride and 8:45 through the harbor tunnel. that's a look at the morning commute. back ttoyou. upgrade their secondary.3de to the foomer maryland terrapin headed for baltimore. let's stand together and let's stand with honor and let's restore america. and questions surrounning a weekend rally to restoreehonor.
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days after glenn beck restore honor rally on the washington mall, there's still plenty of disagreement about what happened and what it meant. nationns capital this pastnt at weekend. >> fox news channel, host ggenn
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ú%ck hosted aamassive gatheeing at the lincoln memorial frrm the same location martin luther king gavv his famous have a dream speech. do we do what every great generation has done in america in times of trouble.3 look ahead. dream about what you're going to ú%comee >> and trust in god he said reppatedlyy he wws joined by former vice president presidential candidate and fox contributoo sarah palin. he said that they had the same courage that washington, and3 martin luther kinn. >> let's stann together, let's stand with hooor and let's restore america. >> repprter: asking people that call was heeded but there was a clear reference to ppesident's intentionnto traasform the nation. >> we must not ttansform ammrica as some ould want.
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we must restore america and restore her honor. >> reporter: beck argued on fox news unday thattthe rally ú%s not intended to be pooitical %-people coming to washington. >> you don't get ttem because they are happy bout things. >> repprter: presidenttobaaa was asked about the rally in an interview on nbc. >> t's not surprising hat -omebody like mr. beck is able to stir up a certain portion of our connery. >> reporter:country.>> reporterd mr. obamaaii motivatee by something elsee i want to amend thatti think it is mmch more of a theologicaú question that he is a ggy who understands the world through oppressor and victim.hich s you want to ask anybody in the
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cathooic church, they witnessed -, it's religion. >> reporter: many americans don't recognize that president obama is a christiaa.úú%20% sais musllm. on a network of mixed information and he ii too reed abbutthow mmny rumors are -entioneddanother. %-with my birth ceetificatettme plasterrd on my fooehead. >> reporter: aa one analyst put it, anytime there's that much enthusiasm for change, it presidenn and his party. in washington, jim engel, fox news.3 coming up later baltimore city students have been back to school for two days now. we taak to the school's ceo
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33; gooddmorning, everybody. here is yyur first look at sports. ask any ravens ffn what the team's weakest poiit is and they will all say quarterback. it's no secret and the whole league nows it too. with the seattle they acquired quarterback josh wwison. the more hh plays, the higherr3 the choice will bb. a former terp, wilson is 3 year veterrn has 3 career3 interceptions anddhe has four-point 39 feet inn!!has4.393 4.39 feet in he 40.ú >for the ravens that meant -wo ggys had to go.
5:56 am
3 are recovering ffom a quad and knee injury respectively. they have bben pllced oo thee33 reserred, physically unable to theyywill miss the first two weeks and they are dealing wwtt3 another injured player. defensive line man, is undergoing surgery..3 he had he surgery a week ago but we only became aware of t3 on tuesday. it looks as if he will miss two weeks but the season pener has >> theee's a chance he will be back for the opener against the jets or the bigger uys it takes a little longer.ú -o we just got to see how that that will be ay-to-day as we get cllser. -p not a baseball and the orioles, they can hit he 500 mark but they can avoid 100 losses and they can alsoohave a very large say in the divisional race. last night they were trying to derail the red sox a little bit more. bottommof the 3rd, adam
5:57 am
jones at the play. 2 up 2 run. and they hesitate to throw into the second. lukeescott comes all the way around from first and thh o's lead it 3-0. -p>> top of the 5th, brian had dox on the fielddfor -- maddox on the ield for the birds. all good things come to an enn. he takessthem deep to the 2-run homee. the last 31 innings. the top of 7th, two runners in the scoring position. 2 strikes ann 2 run outs. jim johnson breezee it. jim johnson how to cold store it, preserves a 3-2 lladd orioles go toowinn extending >comiig up in thee6:00 hoor.ú the u.s. combat mission in iraq comes to an end. what is next in america's fight to stoppterrorism.
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and hhrricane earl changes some holiday vacation plans. i'm megan gill lan. poot of baltimore that have been immateriaimpacted. ,3 ii'm old [ female announcer ] new real fruit smoothies from mccafé are real fruit,
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